Before now, we've never had a chance to actually get a peek at the Potter family tree without the Weasley's so now, it is time!

Harry James PotterEdit

The oldest and the head of the family who is now father to four children in different houses.   Since 2001, he's been the one who made the Wizarding World a better place.  A regular player for the Wimbourne Wasps and the Chudley Cannons, a natural Seeker and great dad, he's the true one.  Green eyes and black hair, a symbol of hope.  He's a hero through and through!

James Sirius PotterEdit

A boyish, jokey rascal who never fails to make everyone laugh, James has taken his place as the joker of the family.  A rabitious Gryffindor who has nothing to do but make michevious plots to get into trouble with. 

  • Red hair and hazels eyes is Jame's appearance.
  • Plays Seeker on the Gryffindor team.

Albus Severus PotterEdit

A shy person who barely managed to make any friends before his first year at Hogwarts.  The friends that he had was either Sky Ellis or Rose Weasley.  Al struggled to stand up to anyone when he was younger and those traits never showed when he was in his second year at Hogwarts.

  • He's a Hufflepuff
  • Plays Seeker
  • His Patronus changed from time to time when he was a teenager and goingi through tough times.  If Albus was angry, it would be a bulldog, if Al was feeling sad or depressed it became a goldfish.  However if he was feeling hurt or happy, it'b be a wolf.  Strange.

Lily Luna PotterEdit

A cunning, knoweldgable Slytherin who spent most of her time on the Quidditch Pitch or at History of Magic lessons where she charms several books to open or close on the page topic that the History Professor was talking about.  In her first year, she had unsually high marks for over ten subjects.  It wasn't until her fifth year at Hogwarts that they realised why she was getting these marks. 

Because she'd been trained to recognise which questions needed more answers and which questions didn't.  When she completed her sixth year at Hogwarts, there was no point in contuining it any longer and she finally got the chance to play for a series of Quidditch teams as her child was growing up.

Sky Olliver PotterEdit

The newest addition to the family, and born on the eighteenth of February 2024.  He has soft green eyes that reflect a green lake and tawny-gold hair, just like his namesake.  He was Sorted into Ravenclaw, the only person in the Potters to actually be a Ravenclaw so far!

He didn't reach the Quidditch team until his third year, because he was reluctant to show off his heritage.

Albus's nickname for Sky is Olly but Lily nicknamed him Polly instead. It may refer to the fact that Sky's favourite animal was a parrot, when he was younger or the first letter of his surname and a shortened version of his middle name together.