Perhaps one of the most reowned wizards in present day Britain, Sky is a complete mystery.  Who is he, where he was born, his dark past, nobody knows.  To really know Sky, you'd have be his best friend.

A fully grown wizard who can speak around a dozen languages, produce a corporeal Patronous and survive sixteen attempts on his life is bound to be a ruddy good wizard.  

But then, Sky Ellis is a wizard like no other.  Charming and smart, he is bound to become the Hogwarts champion for the Triwizard Tournament in his very last year at Hogwarts.  Will he survive against the odds-  a million to one- and prove to wizards everywhere that he is not at all like his father?

2017- Sky Ellis's first year at Hogwarts.  Sorted into Slytherin upon arrival and is almost killed on the night of his Sorting whilst trying to rescue the Potters from an unknown enemy.  Becomes Slytherin's Seeker in the first Quidditch match against Gryffindor.  Slytherin wins but Sky is hit in the chest by a Bludger which triggers a coma for two weeks.  On Christmas Eve, Sky changes his house and switches to Hufflepuff with Albus Potter.  Then plays Seeker for Hufflepuff whilst Albus Potter, Arthur Longbottom play Chaser and Scorpius Malfoy is Keeper.  For the rest of the year, Hufflepuff wins all Quidditch matches and wins the House Cup but not the Quidditch Cup which was won by Slytherin.   At the end of the school year, Sky was nearly killed by his own dad.

2018- Sky plays Keeper on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and as a result, Albus moves to Seeker.  Sky is almost killed by the Basilisk at the end of the year but Albus saves Sky from certain death by dealing with gods and Death.

2019- Sky travels to Alagale with Albus, Arthur and Scorpius.  Along the way,they meet Dark Riders and find the truth behind the City of Unsung Heroes, Alagale.  They meet Michio, an old friend of Sky's. Sadly Michio is killed by a Dark Rider and the Battle of Alagale is triggered under eight months later by the Calling of the Lords, a meeting held once every century by the lords of wizarding Britain.  Albus is nearly killed by a Dark Rider named Mercinus Wood.   Sky ends the battle by seriously injuring Hunter Flint,  son of a mortal enemy.

2020- the year that Sky is posessed by Voldemort.  On five occasions, Sky-possessed-by-Voldemort tried to kill Albus.  On the fifth occasion, Sky failed to kill Albus but injured a whole class of students consequently kept in an underground prison cell for two months until Albus faces Professor Flint and rids Sky of Voldemort's soul.  

2021- the year that Albus becomes Prefect.  Sky begins to distance himself from Albus.  Joins the Wimbourne Wasps secretly.

2022- Sky is successful at beginning his Quidditch career with the Wasps.  The Wasp's first match was the day after Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw.  Hufflepuff won by two hundred and ten points to a hundred and fifty.  The Wasps beat the Cannons by three hundred points.  Hunter Flint was killed during the very last Quidditch match of the year, Hufflepuff versus Slytherin.  Sky duels Hunter and Hunter is accidently killed by Sky.

2023- Sky enters the Triwizard Tournament, hoping to secure a victory for Hogwarts but the very last year turns out to be so much more that what you read in newspapers... 

To find out what happens in Sky's final year, you'd have to read Albus Severus Potter and the Year of the Badger.  There are good stories on Fanfiction that are about Sky's kids or the last kid of the Potter series, Sky Potter.  Here is a list.

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