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 Find out more info on the nation's favourite young wizard-the things he's up to should surprise y'all!

Before HogwartsEdit

Before Albus turned eleven, he had a recurring nightmare of a boy and his mother being killed by a strange wizard on Christmas Eve.  Desperate to uncover the truth behind this murder, Albus turned to ancient Daily Prophets, seeking out the dangerous truth... His family grew more worried at this peculiar behaviour but allowed his to contuine, not realising that this could lead to the beggining of the end.  Then a breakthrough came in 2016, the year before Albus was due to go to Hogwarts.  One of the victims of the murder had survived and he was living at his grandfather's now.  But this immediate discovery meant no more rest for Albus.  He was closer to unearthing the truth than he had ever been.  Albus decided to work on a time period, to se what he could achieve.  From his nightmare, he knew that the period was around early 2000.  It was Christmas Eve, another clue... But what year was it?  Nothing yielded more clues...  He had now sunk to the level of guessing until he had gained more information and until then, he would be blind as the three blind mice.

During HogwartsEdit

As he tried to work out what year it had been in his nightmare, his acception letter from Hogwarts came by owl post.  It came on his birthday- 31st July.  The months rolled away and he still hadn't a clue.

When he boarded the Hogwarts Express, James Sirius Potter and Freddy Weasley were going to beat the truth out out of him until a strange wizard tricked the two boys into believing they had a chance to cause mayhem, but actually they earned detention.  The wizard was the answer, the final clue to all of Albus's questions, the final jigsaw piece that fitted in quickly.  And the wizard was familar... From pictures that Albus had seen, this wizard looked exactly like the victim that had exscaped to his grandfather's house. Sky Ellis. 

The pair became good friends with Scorpius Malfoy and Arthur Longbottom and the froend of the four just got stronger over the years.    That year, Sky's father, Rufus Riddle-Ellis led a failed attempt to kill Sky.  Ever since, Rufus has tried to protect Sky and Albus from his own brother, Voldemort's spirit.

2nd year-Albus moves to the posotion of Seeker on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team

3rd year-trip to Alagale, the Battle of Alagale happens

4th year-Albus meets leprechauns with Sky

5th year-made Prefect

6th year-made Quidditch Captain

7th year-Triwizard Tournament